• You were amazing Michael! It was like David and Goliath. They thought you were outnumbered with their three lawyers. I’m so proud of you. Thank you for everything.


  • You have proven to be an excellent lawyer, and my entire family values your insight.


  • We all can now have closure and able to start a new chapter in life.  This would never be possible without your team’s effort, professionalism and dedication. Thank you!


  • Absolutely the Go-To firm for solid representation. I can not express enough how I got justice for my mind & soul. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders for myself and my wife. Now I can find peace, enjoy life again after being a victim of a horrendous act. My hats off to this firm and the staff for all of their countless meetings and long nights to bring me justice!


  • Don’t know where to start, roughly a couple of days before my court date I was extremely nervous & I wasn’t sure about contacting any lawyers due to my lack of funds. When I explained my situation to Mr. Hollingsworth he worked with me so that I wouldn’t have to worry at all, not only financially but also as an attorney, he explained to me all the options I had & voiced his opinion to me about what was best for me for the future, throughout the entire time at court he was so confident and determined to help me out as much as possible. The outcome was so much better than expected, after everything was done Mr. Hollingsworth kept on helping me saying that if I need any tope of help to contact him. Nevertheless Mr. Hollingsworth is the real deal 10/10 recommend him to everyone that needs a criminal law attorney.


  • A friend referred Mr. Hollingsworth to me to speak to about my upcoming case. I didn’t call him as early as I should have but it was ok. He took very good care of me and the outcome was better then I was hoping for. The best decision I’ve ever made. I hope I don’t ever need a lawyer again but if I do I would definitely call him!! I can’t thank him enough for fighting for me and giving me the best experience I could hope for under the bad circumstances. I would highly recommend him if you ever get in to trouble. Thanks again!


  • Mr. Hollingsworth is a awesome Attorney, I chose him to represent me due to his reputation in Northern Virginia and he definitely lived up to that. I was charged with a DWI and Refusal, I had no idea what to do or how to move forward with this situation. Mr. Hollingsworth for day 1 explained all the outcomes that could potentially happen. He has depth knowledge of Virginia Code and case laws. He was able to get both of my charges Nolle Prossed (Dismissed). If you are look for a good attorney to fight for you, then you should definitely call Mr. Hollingsworth.