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Having worked in multiple traditional law firms, I know what goes on behind the scenes. Clients are pressured to settle cases to cut costs. Little care is given to the client’s actual circumstances or their needs beyond the merits of a case. Cash flow becomes more important than the goals of the case discussed when the client first signed up.

Our mission is to transcend the traditional attorney-client relationship by prioritizing lower contingency fees, family involvement, empathetic communication, holistic preparation, and community engagement. Our goal is to redefine legal representation as a collaborative journey towards empowerment and justice for every client.

Attorney Alan Hollingsworth

Mike Hollingsworth


Traditional legal representation often comes with hefty contingency fees, which can pose a barrier for clients seeking justice. However, we prioritize fair and reasonable fee structures. This ethos ensures that clients receive the advocacy they deserve without the overwhelming financial burden, fostering trust and accessibility.