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Alexandria Virginia
Medical Malpractice Attorney

Mike Hollingsworth, an esteemed attorney, is dedicated to advocating for justice and supporting families facing challenging circumstances. With a focus on areas such as Wrongful Death, Hospital and Medical Malpractice, Sexual Assault, Abuse & Neglect of Children and the Elderly, as well as addressing issues related to Government Overreach & False Accusation, Hollingsworth brings a wealth of legal expertise to guide his clients through the complexities of the legal system. His unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of individuals and families underscores his passion for ensuring fair representation and seeking justice in cases of adversity.

Beyond his legal prowess, Attorney Hollingsworth is known for his compassionate approach, recognizing the unique challenges faced by the elderly and their families. He is dedicated to providing personalized, client-focused solutions that align with each individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

Foundation of Hollingsworth Law


My broad litigation experience provides my clients an edge. I have been very fortunate to help clients from a wide range of social, cultural, and financial backgrounds. I have tried and won dozens of cases in state and federal court. 

My life experience helps me relate to my clients, an essential part of effectively and successfully presenting a case in court.


Your case is about more than money. You want dignity, respect, and to be heard and listened to. You want change. You want this to never happen to someone else. You want others to take personal responsibility for their actions.

And ultimately, you want justice for everyone involved. These are our guiding principles.


I value diligence, honesty, mutual respect, fairness, integrity, and equal access to justice. These are my family’s values and I apply them to my work. I handle every case as if it belongs to my own family member.

I value my clients’ well-being more than I value my fee. Unlike many lawyers, I will never earn more on a case than you do. And I will never settle a case for my own personal gain.

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  • Mr. Hollingsworth was a great attorney. His communication was great and he came through for me in a tough time.


  • Thank you Mr. Hollingsworth, for outstanding professionalism, communication and ultimately making my legal case as painless as possible.


  • I had a medical malpractice case and even though it took long that I thought it would, I was happy with everything. I also never had to deal with anything legal before or since. I just wish VA didn’t have a cap on medical malpractice cases. Thank you.


  • Michael Hollingsworth is absolutely amazing and professional through out the entire process. The results provided were nothing short of stellar. I highly recommend them in any civil or criminal case. Thanks again Michael.


  • I want to thank Mr. Hollingsworth for his professionalism and competent support. His unique approach and straight forward advice in solving complex cases makes Michael a person that will always look for the client’s best interest.


  • Mr. Hollingsworth provided me with the best possible service and legal assistance. Him and his team where always reachable to answer the many questions I had throughout the whole process and he went the extra mile to continue to help me months after it had been resolved. I highly recommend Mr. Hollingsworth and his associates, you’ll get the absolute best assistance possible and they genuinely care about their clients.


  • As an individual in his lower 20’s, I was going through a situation that no one would ever imagine they’d be going through. I was referred to NZ, specifically Mike Hollingsworth, by a friend who had been helped by Mike for an entirely different matter and swore by this man that he could help me out with any situation I was in. Being so young and in a situation that I never thought I’d be in, Mike confidently reassured me that everything would be alright and that he’d do everything in his power to get me out of the situation. And that is just what he did, he fulfilled his promise and delivered what I never thought would have been possible. If I were to ever need anyone’s expertise again, Mike is definitely my guy!


  • I can’t begin to say enough about Mr. Hollingsworth and the great job he did in representing my daughter over a youthful indiscretion that could have haunted her the rest of her life if it weren’t for him.

    First off, Mr. Hollingsworth did an excellent job of letting us know what we were up against and was very honest in regards to the uphill battle we were facing. He clearly explained the documentation we needed to obtain in order to help explain to the court the mitigating circumstances and what steps my daughter needed to take in order to show the court that she was trying to atone for her mistake.

    Mr. Hollingsworth was well prepared, was able to pivot during the day of trial in order to present our case in the best possible light given the prosecutor and judge we wound up with; we were prepared due to his guidance. After the trial, Mr. Hollingsworth took the time to meet my daughter to help her sort through what happened at the trial and to inform her of possible outcomes should she have any more “youthful indiscretions.”

    Knock on wood, I hopefully will never need Mr. Hollingsworth’s services again but for anyone who is facing a criminal situation who need a clam reassuring lawyer who will be upfront and honest about the chances for success and will fight tirelessly to get the best outcome, then I would recommend Michael Hollingsworth!


  • Mr. Hollingsworth did an amazing job on my case. He was able to give me an idea of the direction we should go with the case. He was able to give me an idea of the direction we should go with the case. Once we had all the information he was able to help me make an educated decision on what we should do next and because of waiting to get all the information he was able to get my cased dismissed. I highly recommend Mr. Hollingsworth and his team for all of your legal needs.


  • Mr. Hollingsworth is a awesome Attorney, I chose him to represent me due to his reputation in Northern Virginia and he definitely lived up to that. I was charged with a DWI and Refusal, I had no idea what to do or how to move forward with this situation. Mr. Hollingsworth for day 1 explained all the outcomes that could potentially happen. He has depth knowledge of Virginia Code and case laws. He was able to get both of my charges Nolle Prossed (Dismissed). If you are look for a good attorney to fight for you, then you should definitely call Mr. Hollingsworth.


  • A friend referred Mr. Hollingsworth to me to speak to about my upcoming case. I didn’t call him as early as I should have but it was ok. He took very good care of me and the outcome was better then I was hoping for. The best decision I’ve ever made. I hope I don’t ever need a lawyer again but if I do I would definitely call him!! I can’t thank him enough for fighting for me and giving me the best experience I could hope for under the bad circumstances. I would highly recommend him if you ever get in to trouble. Thanks again!